Fast and easy Formwork Footings

Beoform’s products are industrially manufactured, prefabricated foundation formwork systems that combine reinforcement and moulds. The moulds are installed and cast on the same day. As the moulds do not need to be removed, the concrete block structure (CBS) can be started on the following day. The speed and ease of the installation makes the concept overwhelmingly cost-efficient.

Beotek Oy’s Beoform is based on the formwork solution developed by entrepreneur Reijo Jokinen in the 1990s.
The products are distributed by every hardware store in Finland.

Beotek’s business model involves the export of the Beoform concept, which consists of both the product and the patented device and production method, to foreign markets.


The formwork solution

For all foundations

Pillar Footing

For pillar structures

Casting Board

For professional construction work


Beoform concept

Beoform is superior to traditional methods

Production Facility

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