Beoform concept

The Beoform concept consists of both products (foundation formwork solution, pillar footing and casting board) and devices and production methods.

The concept was created in Finland in the 1990s and has proven to be immensely successful. Country-specific market research confirms the concept’s compatibility for the Swedish and European markets.

Beoform concept compability to different types of foundation

Types of foundation
Slab-on-grade foundation done
Crawlspace foundation done
Pillar foundation done
Basement foundation done
Slab foundation done
Driven pile foundation done
Detached houses done
Apartment buildings done
Industrial buildings done
Holiday homes done
Agricultural buildings done

Beoform detail library

Slab-on-grade with reinforced rim, concrete block formation

Crawlspace foundation, supporting base floor

Pillar foundation

Basement foundation, ground-supported base floor

Driven pile concrete block formation, supporting base floor

Element foundation + Beoform